Sunday 6 April 2008

Jenny Bowker Workshop, day 1

What a fantastic time we've all had over the last 2 days!!!!!
Members of IWP quilt group, PIP's and Paula's ladies from Arco Iris A Metro all came together for Portugal's first ever machine quilting workshop, it was sponsored by Bernina sewing machines. Jenny Bowker was fantastic! We all learned so much about free motion quilting. First Jenny demonstrated how we get the tension correct and how we get started with scribbling, waves, curves, zig-zags and pebbles and loops, then sent us back to our machines to practice. After 20 minutes, we returned to Jenny to watch the next step, which was a little more complex, bigger zig-zag more organised loops and curves, our first flowers!!! and some heart shapes. We had all started to relax when Jenny announced that we now knew everything we needed to know to do all free motion designs. Well of course there was disbelief!!!!

This is Garen showing her practice quilt. If you look closely you can see the loops and waves and even where she has written her name. When we got to the name writing part I think we all had a great sense of achievement each time someone could read it!

This is Sue and Helen ready for action, Ursula is further back, concentrating.
We had a lunch break then returned for part 3, squares, meandering, hearts, clouds even the baptist fan, spirals and echoing.

This is Jenny demonstrating part 4, flowers, feathers, tendrils and different kinds of leaves.
Jenny makes it all looks so easy, and I am sure it is! ... when you know how!!

Ann, unfortunately, had a spring decide to break on her bobbin case which rendered her machine unusable. I did say "unfortunately" but I am not sure that is the correct expression as Ann then had to sit at our teacher's table at the front of the room to use Jenny Bowker's Bernina Aurora machine!!!!! how can that be 'unfortunate'????

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