Wednesday 16 April 2008

Quilt Class

The ladies at Paula's have been very busy. They are doing all their homework and as a result are advancing well with their projects.
Beta, left, has all her Rail Fence blocks made and today chose the border and backing fabrics. Next week we will make the quilt sandwich and Beta can start quilting her quilt.
Noemia, right, finished her Rail Fence Quilt, well, as far as it can be finished without a label! ... lovely springtime colours
Dulce worked on her blocks, she learned how to make pieces fit.... This is called "fudging" and is a very much used skill in patchwork!
Here she is adding the setting and corner triangles, borders next week!

Dulce , left, with her finished blocks and Ines with the Rail Fence baby quilt, I think she finished this one in record time... her friends baby will be celebrating his 2nd Birthday in May.
Here another lady (who's name escapes me! sorry! I am trying really hard with the names) also working on the Rail Fence design, our beginner project.
She also had a crash course in sewing machine maintenance, our sewing machines work so much better if we clean and oil them regularly.

Sao is making her table runner by hand. Just one more border to sew on. Today she worked on piecing the back for this quilt using all the fabrics left over from making this top.

Today Dona Manuela couldn't play with us, she was slaving away in the corner, she had to get this order finished for a customer.

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