Thursday 10 April 2008

IWP Quilt Group

Brrrrr..... on a cold, very windy & wet day, we meet for quilting. Wow is is fierce outside today! Last Thursday we were getting burnt in the sun! You can see in this group photo that some ladies kept their coats on all morning!
This beautiful quilt belongs to Luisa. She started it 10 years ago whilst still in Korea. It is all pieced and quilted by hand. Luisa says that she has made other quilts over the ten years, not just this one! We are happy that she finished it here in Portugal before she goes back to Korea in June.
Left to right holding Luisa's quilt... this is Jutta, Sally, Helen, Therese, Luisa, Sue and Anneliese.

Here we are all looking very closely at the machine quilting in Ursula's quilt, after the Jenny Bowker workshop last Friday, Ursula is the first of us to try on a "real" quilt, now we are all inspired to try.

Again, just to prove that given time I can remember names..... left to right, Luisa, Ursula, Therese, Helen, Sue and Anneliese, all hiding behind Ursula's Quilt.. which is double sided, on the back is a Turning Twenty design, but my photograph was very blurred... sorry Ursula!

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Truly said...

How wonderful ya'll look! Angie, it's fun to read your blog...maybe you will get me hooked on them?