Saturday 12 April 2008

Quilt Class

These are a few action shots from Quilt Class at Paula's today. The pictures are a little smaller but you can click on them and they grow!
We had yet another new lady today, who's name I cannot remember!! ... for a change.... ha ha...
You can easily see that everyone was having fun. We had two more ladies convert from hand stitching to machine work. I think when they see how much faster others can make their projects it is hard to resist the machine really.

Sofia bought in her 3 cushion covers, all quilted and ready to use. She is very proud of them and now will start making quilts for her two daughters.

This is Anabela, left, with her quilt centre. Today she was working on the pieced borders for this quilt. She also has several quilts in the planning stage... (actually, I think the lovely lady on the right is name Anabel too)

Here is Sandra with one of two identical quilts that she has been working on recently. On the table just in front of Sandra is another small project of hers.. wild cats!

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