Saturday 26 April 2008

Quilt Class

We had a very industrious group today because yesterday was a holiday and some folk went on holiday. Paula has had another fabric delivery so there was lots to choose from today.

This photo is taken right at the beginning of class.
Left to right.... Ines, Dorila, Sara and Katja. Now I know you are going to be impressed that I have each lady with a name! The two ladies in the middle are new and I asked their names.... then wrote them down in my little Bernina note book.

This is the queue at the counter all waiting for fabrics to be cut. I love that these three ladies all co-ordinate so well.... don't you think?

This is Dorila and Licinia.

Katja is another convert from hand piecing to machine work. Here she is cutting fabrics for her Log Cabin Quilt project, hair draped like a shampoo advert... tee hee hee.

Ines is working her way through the block party book. She had a little shock today as Paula calculated how many blocks she needs to make her quilt!! Every one will be different too.

And now for a special announcement...... drum roll please ...... da da da daaaaaa
These fabrics have been discounted for this week only. At only €4.00 per metre the are a real BARGAIN!!!!

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