Thursday 9 October 2008

All Day Sewing...

We started off the morning with the IWP Round Robin swap. This week we have to add a 7 1/2" x 4 1/2" piece to the right side of our project. Remember we don't get to see these Round Robin quilts until the tops are finished.

Once all the swaping was done and those not staying to sew left us ...we got down to business.

Ana (right) worked on the Christmas Table Runner .
Blanca joined us to see whether patchwork and quilting was 'her thing'.... having never even touched a sewing machine before, she had a great day, here she is cutting the 2" strips for our beginner project, the good old Rail Fence'!

Arabela worked on her 'Bugs Escaping From Bottles' quilt....she really enjoys the days when she gets to sew all day....
she managed to get all of the bottles made and now is paper piecing the bugs.
how we women multitask... here Arabela is rocking her baby to sleep with one leg, chatting to us and unpicking stitches for Blanca all at the same time.

Ta Daa.... Ana almost finished her Christmas project
and Blanca, she will definitly be back to do more patchwork very soon. She was very surprised, however, at how fast the time had passed by.... shocking that!!!

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