Wednesday 1 October 2008

Quilt Class

This was our first Tuesday class at Arco Iris A Metro We had one lady come along to learn how to do applique. With today's products to help, this was very easy to learn so she went home very happy, sorry, no photo as she left early.

Clementina hadn't booked to do the class but came to the shop to ask for a little advice. She was delighted to see the class and stayed to join in. She is working on her log cabin cushions, her first machine pieced project.

Amalia got the rail fence strips cut into blocks and started to sew them together. She is the lady with the old machine I told you about in 11th September post, except that the machine had been in the car all morning and was suffering form heat fatigue! so not much sewing was done.

Clementine is a determined lady. After unpicking some seams many times, here is an almost completed block. The dificulty was keeping the block square but we did a little 'fudging' and all was well in the end.

And with only three ladies in the group there was the added luxury of using a whole table each, and they made good use of them, at one point Amalia was using one and a half tables!! For today (wednesday) they will be back to half a table each.

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