Wednesday 8 October 2008

Quilt Class

There was lots of activity today..... many new projects started...

Ana started this project. It's going to be made using half square triangles. The design will be decided once all the blocks are complete. Ana had lots of fat quarters which already complement each other. She drew the grids first, then the diagonals which she stitched on either side of before cutting anything. A very useful and time saving method!

Anita continues to make sampler blocks. They are getting more complex now and Anita is inventing her own tricks to achieve the acuracy.... good for her!

The noisey corner.
The process of planning... which design? which fabrics? .... what size, what colour, how much fabric?.... all makes for a lot of happy chatter.....

Ana's "sexy table runner" With quilt sandwich complete and some quilting done, this will be completed at home now.

Ana has been busy making this 'Bento Box' style quilt at home. This is made from a fat quarter pack... a great idea to buy your fabric already co-ordinated.
Amalia's project..... This was going to be a bag. There are two sides almost identical. On reflection during yesterday's quilt class, she decided to make a sofa cushion. Today though, Amalia decided to make more blocks, as she would like a quilt in this design, so, a quilt it will be!

Clementine is doing a quilt marathon. So far she has finished a project each week. This one will be larger so it might take.... two weeks. This is Paula calculating the pattern, it is written in German and measurements are in centimetres.. we work in inches, with Portuguese, Spanish , French & Japonese patterns.... no limits to the talent!

Amalia started a christmas table runner.

Sofia bought in the Twin quilts. They need borders now. Hope the twins can wait a little longer.

Noemia is back from her vacation, she has been missing, oooooh... almost forever. She has been working on her projects though. This design is done by piling up the fabrics and cutting them all at the same time , then switching the piles round... sounds complicated, but it is easy really!
This is another one of Noemia's projects. She has a lot of things waiting to be quilted now I think.

Paula has been working on these beautiful, tiny embroidered blocks. They will be pieced together to make a Noah's Ark quilt. Paula found this project free on the internet... there is so much available free these days thanks to the very kind people who share their ideas with us.

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