Sunday 5 October 2008

Christmas Wreath Update

Much of my Sunday has been spent in my favourite way.... sewing!
So now I have it all simplified, I think.
If you want to make this Christmas Wreath you will need to make 32 hour glass blocks with assorted greens.... you can see that I chose to add fabrics with red berries and baubles, holly and stars.

2 of each of these, they are mirror images of each other.

These are dark red and medium red, hope you can see that? Anyway you need 4 blocks like this

You will need 8 of these, green with one triangle of background fabric...

24 of these

All the blocks ready to be sewn together..

This is how far I got before life took over... 7 rows stitched.
I still think it is not an easy project... concentration is needed... ooooer!