Thursday 21 January 2010

A Birthday Surprise

Look what my Mum made for me!!! She has been working on this for ages. Isn't it absolutely WONDERFUL!!! So many different colours! Mum says it was really hard to ensure that no two hexagons are the same, even my Dad got involved with that part! Now Mum finds she is suffering with cold legs, he he he, she has had this draped over her lap for months while she was crocheting and is really noticing it's not there any more, he he he.... but my knees are toasty and warm! ... as are my feet! She made these cool socks for me too, they come up just over my ankles... I don't know about you, but only when my feet are warm, am I good to go! I confess, it was my birthday on Tuesday 19th and I spent my day with my son, Mum and Dad... playing MahJong!! I love playing MahJong!


Helen said...

I am glad you had a lovely day and well done to your Mum, so many colours. Bjs Helen

Roslyn said...

Now you need to make your Mum a lap quilt to replace the crocheted beauty she made for you. It's gorgeous!

AverettLadyNana said...

Love the the colors in both!! Your Mum certainly crochets and knits beautifully! Cherish her! Mine has been gone two years the 30th of this month but really longer as the last year or so she didn't know me at all and only sometimes a year or so before that.

Néni said...

Olá Ângela:
Há quanto tempo!!..
Tudo bem por aí? Tenho visto os teus lindos trabalhos. Parabéns!
Tenho feito alguns trabalhos usando as técnicas que me ensinaste. Gosto muito. Bjs