Tuesday 26 January 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Giggly Gillian brought this wild quilt in to show us. She has done a bit of quilting in the past and had kept it a secret from me! This is lovely, it's hand quilted and has embellishment to boot.
The fabrics Gillian is using for her Log Cabin project are what she had left over from that project, here she is hard at it. She made 14 blocks at home so everything is coming along nicely.
I took this photo only because Gillian requested that I get her lovely, new, pink nails in on my blog post... she will probably be shocked when she sees that I took her seriously! he he he
Lizzie has been working away at home too. She brought in all her half square triangles finished, 72 of them, and the 24 blocks only needed one more green strip to finish them. Today she made the sawtooth blocks ready for the borders, laid out here, it looks fabulous! I bet she'll bring it in finished in two weeks time!
Messy Maureen had a head start because she came to class on Sunday too.... so her top is finished,,, woohoooo. We made the backing but, as Maureen didn't expect to finish it, she hasn't bought the batting yet. She left class 15 minutes early to go looking for some. Next class she will be making a sandwich!

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