Wednesday 20 January 2010

Maureen's Colours

Dotty Maureen popped over yesterday and brought her Log Cabin (Lilly's Colours?? not) quilt. I almost had to dig out my sunglasses!!!
It was border decision time.... Luckily she had just enough of the black fabrics to finish all the main and saw tooth HST blocks. When I say just enough... she has barely got and inch of any of them left! I love it when that happens, don't you?
Not so good though...the yellows have also run out, which isn't so convenient as Maureen wanted to add yellow borders. but don't go worrying about that..... She pulled a window blind out of her bag?... it's cotton and a good yellow... she is going to unpick the seams on it, wash it, cut 3 1/2"" strips of it... and all will be perfect!!! I guess she will have to make another window blind now though, but needs must!

1 comment:

Roslyn said...

Your friend's quilt IS rather blinding, like having the dun in the room!