Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snow Day...

I had to cancel the first quilting class of 2010. I had everything stacked up by the door but as I went to load it all into the car it started to snow again, heavily. I haven't had to deal with snow for 15 years and I am a little afraid of driving when there's such thick ice on the road, so for safety, I cancelled... I'm sorry, because the ladies were really looking forward to getting back to a little stitchery.
Not wanting to waste the day I cracked on with much needed housework, but not for the whole day... he he he. I worked on my crumb blocks! wooo hoooo... mindless sewing, perfect!
I now have a total of 50 x 9 1/2" blocks completed and 25 others over half way done. That pile you see in the picture is all I have left of the tiny /small scraps, I have quite a large container of longer strips on the other side... hopefully I will do a little more later... yeeha!

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Maggi said...

With the warnings that have been given out it sounds like a wise move. Driving in snow and ice is just not worth it. No matter how careful you are being there is always the idiot who is not!