Friday 29 January 2010

My New Quilt Group

As you can see, I was sewing all by my very own self again today. I chose a different place to sit this time, which is about the only advantage of being the only person there! he he he....
but today was not the same as last time, 15th, not at all. I had many people pop in to see me, my quilts, to look at the room, to ask questions and make general enquiries. One lady will definitely join me next Friday. She was so happy to find me! (I'm smiling!)
Other ladies have taken leaflets to show to friends with my contact details... so hopefully they will call me to book a place or two.
I didn't waste any time at all... in between all the visits, I cut out a Rail Fence, girly-pink baby quilt top! I cut the strips to 2 1/2" wide, sewed all the strip sets together and cut them into my blocks... cute isn't it... all Brazilian fabrics.
I also popped down to the restaurant and had a lovely cup of tea... it smells soooo good in there, the food is really delicious, did I mention that it is included in the daily price?

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