Sunday 24 January 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

I had the camera in my hand, quite a lot to be honest, it's a shame though... I forgot to use it! So this is all I have for you today...
Liz made a perfect booboo... have you ever done this? Quilting away only to find that you have quilted another part of the quilt to the bit you were working on? I've done it... more than once... but I am not going to tell you that!! he he he
Ian (my Sunday "Guy" who is the subject of some of my emails...) was concentrating so much while quilting his project... he wanted every line so perfectly straight.... I'm sure he wasn't breathing while he quilted!
Anyway, this is himself an hour later, he was so stiff and full of tension that Liz, his partner, had to sort him out with a quick massage, much to the amusement of us gals... who obviously have way more stamina!?
Messy Maureen was with us today too, I missed getting a picture of her log cabin progress, but it is looking good, I'll show you on Tuesday after the next Uttoxeter Class. We are already discussing her next project, woooohooo. She told me today that she is finding the whole process quite addictive, he he he, ya think?

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SandyQuilts said...

I think my new retired DH will be emailing Ian for quilting hints. That is after he clears out the "honey-do" jar.