Sunday 17 January 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

What a beautiful day it was today, we had sunshine! Most of the ice has gone now and the temperatures have soared up to +4!! My goodness, a heatwave?
Ian and Liz made great progress again today... they each added two borders, both using the Aurora's this time. Ian opted for HST corner stones... to add a little more interest to the white outer border and still keeping with the rugby team theme!
Both made a sandwich and Liz invented a new quilting design, quite by accident.... it looks great , especially on the back.
They seam (ooops!!) seem very happy with their new projects, and rightly so... don't you think?
Messy Maureen joined us for the afternoon shift. She didn't make too much mess today though. She worked on her HST blocks ready to piece her Sawtooth block border on the Lilly's Colours project.

We've booked the room for the next Sunday, so we will have class on the 24th January too.

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