Friday, 4 November 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop has taken the very popular Quick Table Topper to a whole 'nother level... Dinner table sets!.. There will be rather posh Christmas lunch tables at the homes of Joan's family this year, I think they're all getting a set! You would think Joan would be happy making these quick to finish things, but no... she's decided they are very fiddly... actually, she's probably right... there's a lot to do, binding every one, turning corners and joining the ends with the rather fabulous method found here but it will all be worth it.

Helen's Grandmother, which, of course means Joan The Shop's mother, made this enourmaous hexagon quilt top years ago. It's a complete coincidence that Helen bought it to work on only the day after the SPQ talk about hexagons, hey ho... This quilt is about 2.4 metres by 2 metres, massive. Helen made a sandwich with the help of everyone else and wasted no time at all, starting the quilting... an all over design that is evolving as she goes.

Late Sue (living up to her name today!) made her sandwich first of all with the Jelly Roll quilt top then set it to one side to be quilted at home. She had decided to make a  wreath wall hanging... she cut all the squares ready for making the base bit, which she started to stitch together but I'm not sure how far she got with it... Sue took it home with a copy of the template... we should see the progress next week.

Barbie added the final borders to her Pineapple Blossom quilt top, unfortunately that meant it was too big for the piece of fleece that was planned for the backing. No worries as it can be used for something else in the future... Barbie chose a different fabric, from "Table Top Shop, wadding under the table" and was soon ready for a sandwich.. all hands on deck again!

Kate finished quilting the centre of her beautiful quilt... "Wooohoooo"... That's what she shouted! She is so relieved, she's one of the border pieces quilted too so, next week we can add it to one side... apartment quilting, tis truly marvelous... such a help being able to quilt big bits then add them rather than one enormous quilting job.

Brenda Barbara worked the whole day all by her very own self and produced lots of the Log Cabin, Couthouse Step blocks for her tree skirt. She's moved on to a different fabric for the centres now and they will all be mixed in to the final skirt. One of the great things about Christmas-sy fabrics is that most can be 'chucked' in together eh.

Gilly's tree skirts are coming along very nicely indeed. This, number one of three, had the bias binding strip added today... a very technical operation it seems... Gilly likes everything to be perfect, and that's just fine... we do love PMS (pleasing My Self) and if you want perfect you shall have perfect.... slow and steady... and perfect!

We meet again next Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th November, 10am to 3pm, as usual.
New fabrics are due in from Moda for "Table Top Shop, wadding on the side, in the van and under the tables" We have 5 different types of cotton and cotton blend wadding now... there's sure to be one you like!

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No one had better dare to drip gravy onto those posh table sets! Kate's quilt is stunning.