Thursday, 24 November 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Krafty Karen finished the quilting at last week's meeting but we didn't hear any "Toot Toot Toots", not everyone likes to 'blow their own trumpet', (not a problem I have, ha ha ha) This is quite a large quilt and we have to remember that it's only Karen's second project. Not only that, it's her very own design, a little guidance from yours truly, yes... but it is all Karen's work and she did a fantastic job! She made Faux Piped Binding, a lot of it as it's a loooong way round this quilt edge... she started to stitch it on and announced that This Quilt WILL be finished next week...
Will you polish your very own trumpet Krafty Karen?

Chatty Cathy had been busy at home... she had successfully quilted all of the curved lines that she had drawn last week so she decided to add more. Out came a cardboard template.. I think you should be able to see in the picture that Cathy is quilting a smaller curved shape just inside the other. There'll be quilting added to the Cathedrally window-y bits too.

Arty Beryl came to play, this is a rare treat these days as she took herself off to full time art college in September. She wanted to play talking... whoooops... I mean free motion quilting! ha ha ha. Oh I think Arty Beryl is missing our Quilt Cave meetings. By the end of the day she had all the basics to free motion, now it's just practice, practice, practice in between homework, of course.

Annie Pie was quilting the quilt she started at our Katharine Guerrier workshop back in June. Obviously she isn't sewing at this photo moment... she's sitting next to Wendy and Arty Beryl you see, they are catching up... swapping ideas, sharing photos and discussing possible projects... Annie Pie's head will burst one of these days, he he he.

Dotty Maureen made 9-Patch cornerstones ready to add to the borders of her purple and teal quilt. Cornerstones are a great way to fudge borders when the fabric isn't quite long enough... no-one would ever know that they had not been planned to be there right from the start... except for me telling you all that is, he he he. Once these are stitched on it will be sandwich time for Dotty.

This is only a small selection of what's going on at Caverswall Village Hall, you'll have to come visit if you want to see everything, it's all very inspiring!
We meet again on Friday 25th November 10am - 3pm, tomorrow actually... 13 new bolts of fabric arrived, a mixed bag from Maywood Studio, very lovely indeed... there's an absolutely gorgeous purple I have my eye on!

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