Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lynda's Quilt

Isn't it just fabulous!!!
This is only Lynda's second quilt, she's absolutely thrilled with it and I don't blame her. The colours in the picture don't look quite as bright as they actually are... All the fabrics are plain cottons, which Lynda had been collecting for a while... Take a look at the quilting too, diagonal lines through the main blocks with uneven zig-zags on the border rectangles, all done with bright yellow thread... a brave move that has completely paid off... This quilt a gift for a very lucky young guy.
Right now Lynda is working on quilt number 3... it's got millions of triangles!


Annabelle said...

Angie - now back in blogland after a long illness. Hoping now to treat myself to a new machine and hopefully make something as gorgeous as the things on your site. Love the zingy colours in this one - PS. Tell your Mum that I love her quilt top too!

Maggi said...

Amazing that this is only Lynda's second quilt