Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

At the top of this picture you can see Giggly Gillan's latest project... a Quick Table Topper. She took her time with the fabric cutting because she wanted it perfect... that's what she said, 'perfect'. She almost finished sewing it together too, and it did look... perfect!
The black and white table runner belongs to Lovely Lyn. Each block is identical but looks very different only because Lyn varied the placement of the light, medium and dark fabrics, cool eh! Take a closer look, exactly the same they are!

Messy Maureen made a sandwich with her liberated Quick Table Topper, she then quilted and bound it... it's a very poor photo, I seem to becoming an expert at the blurred shots... ha ha ha... It must be because I am rushing, how hard can it be to keep a camera still for a split second? Obviously , very hard!! Marisabel was quilting her Wreath Wall hanging, she had trouble with her metallic thread breaking and we tried all kinds of solutions, nothing worked. hey Ho... not giving up yet!
We meet again on Tuesday 6th December. 10am to 3pm, and the class is/will be full. Full of ladies, full of fun and laughter... as always.

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