Thursday, 3 November 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Today photos have all been taken by the Quilt Cave Ladies... I didn't get time to snap anything... I just shouted up a few times, can somebody take a picture of that!!  'Twas a very busy, fun and productive day.
Dotty Maureen stitched the centres in to these blocks by hand, I think that's what she said anyway. For some of the sashing strips Dotty used Invisible Machine appliqué. She's not over impressed with it but at least she tried it.
Jolly Jo told me off for telling you about the statement she made last week. She feels that now The Statement has been shared with blog land, she has to stick by it. She bought enough wonderful wadding to make three sandwiches... race on! Here she's marking up her appliqué chicken quilt top ready for quilting. There's a Drunkards Path lap quilt and the larger diamond-y batik one too... three quilts, I'm sure there will be more... Jo treated us to cake this week, yummy scrummy, home made cakes... delicious they were... Thank You Jolly Jo.

Irene continued to work on her blue cat quilt top, it's getting bigger.... in the meantime she produced this appliqué poinsettia. Later in the day it had a centre too, it looked fabulous.

Chatty Cathy has decided that all of her 10 Minute Blocks will be the same... just like this one but... she's finding it a bit of a puzzle getting them to work out in the right order... it's so easy to get them in the wrong order. We came up with a cunning plan though and she went home happy with everything in it's right place.
Wendy made a table runner with Christmas fabrics, it's on the ironing board here, waiting to be prrrressed, or had it been ironed? Let's hope those wavy edges are a bit of camera trickery... Wendy has a few fudging technics up her sleeve though, so we won't worry about it.

Chris The Foot finished her Autumnal Wreath and has decide to make one for every season, obviously this will be her Christmas holiday wreath, I wonder whether Chris will finish it in time... you know what she's like for leaving things 'til the last minute. There'll be one made for spring and one for summer too.

Annie Pie popped in to show us her finished patriotic quilt. I think it was Helen who took these photos,  front and back... ehhhhem... she must have been waving at imaginary royalty as she took it eh, ha ha ha, a little bit blurred but you get the idea don't you.
There were other photos, it was quite exciting plugging the camera card in to see what photos the ladies had taken... while waving at the imaginary royal visitor! ha ha ha... most were a little bit blurred, but thank you ladies, I enjoyed them.
We meet again on Friday 4th November. 10am - 3pm, as usual... Kettle Corner will be re-stocked and ready for you should you like to come on over for a fun day stitching... or come shopping at Table Top Shop, wadding under the table... that's a fun thing to do too.


Maggi said...

Maureen's quilt is looking great. Bet Jo thinks twice before making any statements in public again. Love her chicks. Irene's poinsettia is lovely. I can see why getting everything in order might be difficult so glad you solved Cathy's problem. I'm sure the table runner will lie flat once it is quilted and the binding stitched.

hanna said...

Hi, ich schaue mir gerade ein paar nette Blogs an um mir neue Ideen zu holen. Ich nähe derzeit viel Kinderstoffe und
Patchworkstoffe, macht mir echt viel Spass. Dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut. Lieben Gruss