Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

You're going to have to trust me, we had another great day, busy and productive. We had visitors popping in for Table Top Shop shopping too...
I don't have many photos to share with you in this post... silly camera must have been feeling a little off colour today... it made the pictures all blurred.. silly camera! ha ha ha. Here's a little of what happened today...
Shirley Lerly finished another of her gift quilt tops. She has three, all being made at the same time, all are made with the same design yet they look completely different because of the colour scheme Shirley used. The backing for this particular one is pink with tiny little daisies all over it, very sweet indeed.
Jolly Jo had many jobs on the go... she was adding the calico borders to this diamond quilt top, choosing fabrics for her hen quilt borders... which sounds easy but it was quite a challenge. She was also adding quilts to her list of things she wants to make and at the same time... She made a statement... it went something exactly like this
"I am going to finish all of these quilts BEFORE Christmas" brave lady eh... though she didn't actually say which Christmas!
Chris The Foot's been having fun with her BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) She's done tiny meandering stitching over all the background fabric and on the centre fabrics. Then she changed to her walking foot in order to shadow quilt the pin-wheels in a gorgeous ginger-y brown thread. The inner border of forest green has been 'ditch hopped' on both sides too. Chris will bind this wall hanging with the faux piped binding.... boy do we love this binding! easy... very easy!
Chatty Cathy arrived with a big smile on her face... I guess it's hard not to smile when you're carrying such a fun Mat & Ruler Bag. It certainly turns a few heads.
Another reason for Cathy to be so happy... she's finished her Railfence table runner. She made it extra long to suit her table which is great, there are no rules on sizes after all. Now Cathy has started to make a 10 Minute Block quilt... she's had her eye on them for a few weeks now. Cathy's will be blue-y fabrics, recycled bedding actually.
I saw a You Tube video with the 10 Minute block done with Railfence blocks... very, very cool I thought. have a look won't you?
We meet again on Friday 28th October. 10am - 3pm as usual. Come along if you like... see all the projects for your very own self... I'm sure we can tempt you with something...

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