Tuesday, 25 October 2011

An Ode To Angela, Written By Lovely Lyn

She wears a patchwork apron and drives a big white van,
Her sunny disposition hides her cunning plan.
To lure you into quilting and all that it entails
Angie won’t give up on you - she never ever fails!

She knows that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never be the same.
Like her and many others, a quilter you’ll remain.
This hobby is addictive, it will not let you go -
There’s always a new fabric that you just have to sew.
Until the scraps of cotton that you have cut and sewn,
Into a lovely pattern have miraculously grown.
She stops and checks and has a look to see you’ve done it right

“Its all so very easy” she quips with great delight!

But now I want to warn you before you get involved,
Be wary of the dangers this hobby will unfold.
Your housework gets neglected - the gardening forgotten -
While you in frantic panic search for the right cotton.

And what of all those funny names Angela has created?
I’ll name a few and you will see our future now is fated!
There’s Dotty Maureen, Early Sue, Chris the Foot and Jolly Joe,
Krafty Karen, Joan the Shop, Annie Pie - there’s more to go -
Brenda Barbara, Messy Maureen, Shirley Lerley and Giggly Gill
Arty Beryl, Marisabel, and now I’ve nearly had my fill
Of trying to remember names and getting them to rhyme
It has become impossible to fit them all in line.

So remember what I’ve told you - be sure you cannot win,
Once hooked you’re hooked for ever - from one called Lovely Lyn!


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Very true. I so miss all this. Bjs Helen