Thursday, 13 October 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 2

After my demonstrations making this wreath style quilt, we have a few ladies making them now.
This one, in Autumnal colours, belongs to Chris (The Foot)... First of all, the squares are cut to 5" each then joined together as you see here.. you can add as many fabrics as you like keeping the background squares the same... The centre 5 squares also need to be the same as they form the centre of the wreath... add a 3" wide border strip.
...from here the template is needed. You have to draw round it placing the wonky diagonal cross exactly over each junction...... then you have to cut out each little block and place it on something to secure the order. Chris pinned hers to a piece of fabric to keep them safe...
 It would only take one whoooosh of a lady passing by or the flip of a quilt being folded, to have the whole thing turn into a puzzle... Are you following all this?
By the end of the day she was at this stage. She will stitch them together at home... at least that's the plan!
We had a new lady join us, she's already an experienced quilter. She's passed by the village hall many times and seen us having fun but could no longer resist the temptation to spend a fun day we welcomed Sheila.
With her already knowing the basics Sheila was able to jump straight in without making a Railfence quilt, he he he. These are her wreath squares all stitched together,
Christmas designs in traditional reds and greens with lots of glittery gold. Doesn't it look great?
Sheila pinned her blocks to a piece of felt, normally it would be enough to place the blocks onto the felt as they stick quite well but for the journey home....better to pin them. Sheila enjoyed our company and says she'll be back for sure. Actually, most people say that, wooohooo!

New and rather gorgeous fabrics have just been delivered for "Table Top Shop, 4 different types of wadding on the side"... Do ya think I can add any more words to this travelling shop?? he he he
For shopping... pop in to Caverswall Village Hall Wednesday or Friday, or both!
Every week between 10am and 3pm if you want to see what we have to tempt you.


Quinta da Quilter said...

Thank you! Love it! And now where did I put my template . . .

Karen said...

Sorry to be a pain but, where do you get the template from and what is it called please?

Maggi said...

Love the wreath which looks great in both colourways. My cat would love jumping up and scattering that lot!