Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Presenting My Quilts

Today I will be presenting and talking about some of my quilts to the Ladies Friendship Group at Caverswall Village Hall, a small group of lovely ladies. I call my talk "Quilting The Alternative Sandwich"... only because when people call to book ME (toot toot toot) they ask "What's the talk called?" The fun starts at 2pm, if you would like to see it, come on over... I think there'll be tea/coffee and biscuits afterwards.
I can't take all of my quilts, I tried that a few times and, even if I rush through the piles as fast as I can and talk so fast that you miss stuff... it still takes at least one and a half hours. I have so many and I love to show them all... I've decided to take only the quilts that I made while living in other countries. That should trim the talk down to just about an hour. What it also means is that there will be enough quilts to make a second presentation of quilts that I could call "Sandwiches Made In The UK" ha ha ha
The photo you see above is the one I used in this post ... I'm happy to report that things have progressed!

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