Sunday, 9 October 2011

Swynnerton Village Hall, Workshop Day 2

Swynnerton Village Hall is another great venue for workshops... Lots of tables, wonderful 'Kettle Corner', great light, very posh, comfy chairs and toasty warm radiators... which was fabulous as we looked out of the huge windows seeing the gale force winds and sideways rain!! Perfecto!
The workshop was, again, fantastic, everyone participated with gusto and all were thrilled to bits with what they were learning... and boy were they learning a lot, I hope our memories can keep it all in!
 Dawn Cameron-Dick is nothing short of a brilliant teacher full of very, very useful information and she makes it all so simple to understand... a big bonus!
We're going to have her back again to teach us more brilliant stuff... she's a very lovely lady and had very posh shoes too... I'll let you know details as soon as I have them... not about the shoes, I mean future workshop arrangements... ha ha ha
 What a fabulous few days I have had, I love these workshop weeks... so much fun, hard work but fun, fun, fun!!!

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