Thursday, 6 October 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Lizi is giving the game away now... it's obvious that she's the daughter of our Shirley Lerly, see the foil packaging for those beautiful Log Cabin Blocks? ha... a big clue! Shirley was telling me how lovely it is to be able to stitch and chat away with her daughter, she's right. You know we've had folks ranging from 15 to 78 in our Quilt Cave and we all have great fun... it's just a number really, it's all about the stitching!
Jolly Jo's quilt is coming along wonderfully.... I hope you can click to look closer at those tiny little quarter inch squares that make up the hearts... they were appliquéd in place with a lovely, very visible, blanket stitch... it's all pulling together very nicely indeed, don't you think?.. as usual it looks very much better in real life than it does in my photo, crisp blue and white... always a winner.

Dotty Maureen started her day shopping at the Table Top Shop... she chose a wild fabric for the backing of her Stained Glass quilt, it's called Pollen from from Rowen fabrics, I hope it doesn't cause Hay Fever! Dotty made her sandwich and spent the day doing free motion quilting...  meandering between the black sashing.
Shirley Lerly has been busy making HST's (Half Square Triangles). Starting out with two 5" squares, you must know the easy method... right sides together, draw a diagonal line down through the centre, sew 1/4" seam on either side of line then cut through the drawn line and prrrress... really easy, for quick & fabulous results. Shirley finished the top, chose the backing and is ready to make a sandwich. She's going to make three of these lap quilts... they'll all be the same... but different!
Annie Pie cut her strips and numbered them to keep the right order... what would we quilters do without masking tape? When it came to the stitching Annie had to do it very carefully because the fabrics have quite a loose weave... she'll have to be even more careful with the prrrressing, they could quite easily "wonk" (ha ha haaaa...great word!!! you know what I mean right?) Fantastic colours, oh.. almost forgot to say, this will be a very chic Bargello quilt.
Wendy was playing with sticky stuff... I know we're having Dawn Cameron-Dick come to do a workshop with Invisible Machine Appliqué but this project looks fabulous done with 'stick in down',  raw edge appliqué... just needs a little thought so as not to have the letters turn out with the mirror image, which often happens to me! Not Wendy though.. she's much too clever to have that happen to her! I wonder what it will say when it's all finished? ewwwwwww... I just guessed! he he he
Foxy Margaret remains determined to use up most of her huge scrap collection, she has some beautiful fabrics in there. She continued to make up various blocks following the worksheet/handout that she was given at the Katharine Guerrier workshop we had in early June. This is going to be a stunning scrap quilt, I'm quite sure there will still be scraps left over for Foxy Margaret though... really... she has loads!
Lacey Anne has been taking and collecting more photographs of floor tiles. As you can see, she's designed her second quilt using one of the tiled floor pictures... All of the main blocks are done so Anne worked on making the sashing strips, sticking firmly to the photo. Here's Anne's first floor quilt if you missed it, it turned out stunning, Anne sticks to the colours as closely as she is able to.
This is My Mum's (Gwynneth) Christmas Wreath project, her second actually... it's the one I used to do the little 'How To' demo for the ladies... very fast little project that I'm sure we will see more of over the coming weeks.

During our meetings everyone works at their own pace. Mostly everyone works on a different project, all are differing sizes with many different and inspiring colour combinations... How long does each project take to make?... well... how long is a piece of string? We don't run with a strict formula. We practice PMS all the time... Pleasing My Self... it's the only way!

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