Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

In the blog post before this one you will see that Lovely Lyn wrote an Ode To yours truly... she says that she doesn't write poetry normally, she just felt inspired to do it this one time, which she should reconsider... This lady has talent, don't you think... with such interesting subject matter to help her of course!!! ha ha ha... seriously, I think it's brilliant, Thank You Lovely Lyn.

This is what Lyn made today, a Quick Table Topper, with rather stunning fabrics... ooooh those blacks are very chic! all purchased from Table Top Shop, wadding in the van. Lyn was very surprised to have completed the quilt top in one lesson, she trimmed the edges and got it ready for sandwich making too... and went home very satisfied with her achievement.
Messy Maureen placed a bag of small pieces on the table stating that she too wanted to make a Quick Table Topper. I wish now that I had taken a picture of the ingredients we had to work with. After much fudging and careful cutting we (I) found just enough bits to actually make a runner... this is the progress by lunchtime... Messy Maureen had an afternoon of volunteering to do at the charity shop and had to leave early, so we'll get this project finished next time.

Giggly Gillian is still making 6" HST's (Half Square Triangles). She's sewn them into Pin-wheels several times only to unpick them when she gets home. She adds new fabrics and swaps things around.. this project has been requested by a family member so Gillian feels a little pressure to get it just right... Hopefully, this time she will be happy with the fruits from her day... she says she's happy with it all now... we'll have to wait and see.

Marisabel made binding for her Quick Table Topper and stitched it on. The hand sewing can be done at home so it was folded up and put away. Can you guess what Marisabel is making next? The Christmas Wreath is proving to be so popular, easy, fast and fun.. always a winner. Lovely Lyn will make one too....

We meet again next month, Tuesday 8th November 10am - 3pm and it looks like we will have a full house again... a sign winter is creeping in and the gardens don't need titivating ha ha ha.

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Maggi said...

Cute snowmen in that table topper and I love those Japanese style fabrics.