Thursday, 20 October 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Hiding behind her latest project is our Annie Pie. This is Annie's second Bargello quilt, it's a commission for a guy she knows... he's bound to be chuffed to bits with this quilt... boy are those colours stunning. The fabrics are very difficult to work with, cutting soft, open weave fabrics is hard enough without it being necessary to cut 1" strips and sew them without distortion... Annie's doing it though.
Here's a snippet for you... Annie has been coming to Quilt Cave pretty regularly since May 2010 when we first moved to this hall actually, she made 21 quilts already!!! woooohhoooo!
Helen wanted to try free motion quilting an all over design for this second fund raising quilt. We had a little chat, I shared a few top secret tips (so don't ask! ha ha ha) She practised a bit on paper then made a Fat Quarter sandwich... practised on that until there wasn't any space left on the Fat Quarter then plunged in on the actual quilt... she loved doing it... I think she may even have been singing!! She finished it in about an hour! Good Job Helen... Just binding now... and a label, don't forget the label... there's a queue of ladies waiting to buy a raffle ticket now.
Wendy made millions of tiny Split 4-patch blocks in neutral colours, not at all her usual 'cup o tea'... once the blocks were sewn together, Wendy didn't like the project at all... so she unpicked.... hmmm what to do with them? I 'interfered a bit'... I had seen a rather cool picture on t'Internet... I sort of drew the design and Wendy agreed to have a go... can you see it taking shape in the picture? Scrappy stuff might not be something you enjoy... but if you do, your sure to like this, I know I do... Wendy hasn't made her mind up yet... Hey ho... let's see what happens eh...
Lovely Lyn has done all the basic stitching on her 10 Minute Block quilt... That's me holding the quilt for the photo... I could have tucked myself carefully behind the quilt for the shot but hey... That's my new super posh apron there, it's made with the same fabrics as Lyn's quilt top... why would I hide me? ha ha ha. Lyn's going to do the Cathedral-ly Window-y thing with those centre squares and that's all hand work so it should keep her good for a week.
Chris (The Foot) made a sandwich with her Autumnal wreath wall hanging and set up her machine with the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) She tested out the tension of the stitching and started the quilting... simple meandering, fun to do... I've heard some professional free motion quilting teachers say that meandering is dated and boring... well... we don't care, we LOVE it!!! Chris has another wall hanging almost complete made with Christmassy fabrics this time. The wreath wall hanging is a fast fun project... perfect for presents!

Look... Wendy made one too... also in traditional Christmassy fabrics. They really are lovely aren't they, these small wall hangings finish up a lovely size, perfect for hanging on an internal door... not outside, that would be silly... or would it... such temptation... do you trust your postman? I have received many emails asking about them, the wreath not the postman, ha ha ha... stunning and simple.. seems people love that idea.
Early Sue couldn't stay to play with us but she's been stitching at home. She popped in for a few essential things she needed from "Table Top Shop, wadding on the side and in the van"
This lovely quilt started out as a Railfence table runner, Sue's turned it into quite a funky lap quilt. The centre is quilted so she's only the top and bottom segments to quilt now. Next project for Sue is a Mat & Ruler bag in gorgeous fabrics... I'll show them to you next time.

Many more things I could show you but that's enough excitement for one post I think.
'Table Top Shop, wadding on the side' had another 30 new bolts of fabric added after my big shopping spree over the weekend... wooohoooo so much lovely fabric!!!
For those of you waiting... the Freezer Paper and Sewers Aid came along with more notions. The ladies who ordered starch from Dawn can pick it up when they are ready, she sent it to me.
We meet again on Friday, 21st October. 10am - 3pm, see you there?

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Maggi said...

Love the colours in that bargello. Sounds like lots of starch was needed.I like the diagonal pattern of Wendy's 'trial'. Great apron, now you need one to match each quilt you show!! The wreaths continue to delight and Sue's railfence has turned out so much better than the traditional style.