Saturday, 29 October 2011

Quilty Quarters, The Commission Quilt

The centre panel is complete, the bottom panel is too, ready to be added to the main bit... It's getting very big now.
 Here I am sandwiching the top panel. I know we normally pin from the centre outwards but this fabric doesn't like it done that way. I started at one end, making sure I keep things square and level, pushing and holding the excess silky slide-y fabric tight as I pin, because if I don't it springs back up. A blooming job it is! Can you tell it doesn't interest Molly at all! ha ha ha.
This panel is about half quilted at this point, lunch break!
Hoping to piece the other two side panels this weekend, I will be happy to finish the whole thing as soon as I can, it doesn't half make a mess with all the fraying.

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Becky said...

OH MY! And as they say around here... "Bless your heart".. a deepest form of sympathy. I know that you are anxious to have this one out of the way.