Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Quilty Quarters... Projects Finished

This is what I decided to make with the Batik Bonus HST's (Half Square Triangles)... I was playing with the trimmed up HST's to see what I could do with them... decided to make a small lap quilt to keep in the car ready for the terrible winter that has been predicted, while it was a crackers 28 degrees outside!... Once the blocks were all laid out and evenly spaced for colours, I picked up a few HST's to stitch together and saw that with the corner blocks removed I had the beginning of an apron!!! As simple as that!! I added a backing fabric and quilted it, no wadding though... don't want to be too warm while running around helping folks with their projects, he he he
I finished the Quick Table Topper sample with Faux Piped binding, it's much easier to machine the binding with this method as it gives you a line to follow without the need to stay near the edge. The Autumnal coloured one.. with the fabrics I didn't want to use, will not be made now because, as I was rooting through my Quilty Quarters Stash cupboards trying to find alternative fabrics... I had another idea... wooohoooo... I've been struck with a rather good hit of PMS!!! (Please My Self) .... It's still for Autumnal colours and it's very cool... I'll show you later...

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Sharon said...

I love the apron! It's always so nice to find something else you can do with quilt blocks besides making quilts. Great job!