Thursday, 13 October 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 1

Jolly Jo thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Dawn Cameron-Dick, on Saturday for the Swynnerton session. Totally inspired since then, she made this quilt using Dawn's Invisible Machine Appliqué method to join the quarter circles to their background squares... a very useful method indeed. After purchasing some rather wonderful new wadding from 'Table Top Shop, wadding in the van', Jo made a sandwich and quilted the day away using her walking foot to do 'Ditch Hopping' which is always a popular choice at the Quilt Cave.

Dotty Maureen had taken her workshop samples home after the Friday session... they were not quite finished but, with her workshop papers, Dotty figured it all out for her very own self. She decided to join the four small class samples together to make a little quilt, which is a lovely reminder of her fun day. The bunny needs a nose and an eye but, apart from that it's finished. Dotty spent the rest of the day quilting her Stained Glass Window quilt... she's going round all the black lines now, cursing me for the idea as there are lots of ends to tie off... woooops!
Wendy made this very cheery Christmas wall hanging using the tried, tested and much loved 'Stick it down and Blanket Stitch the edges' method of appliqué... Sometimes the visible stitching just enhances the work, don't you think? Wendy also came to the workshop on Friday, we didn't just learn how to sew shapes to our work, there are other useful options for Invisible Machine Appliqué too... Wendy used her new skills to make the mitred corners on her borders... who'd a thought of that? Don't the borders look fabulous!.. actually I have used this method before but I thought it was cheating... hey ho. I've been Pleasing My Self (PMS) for quite a long time... woohoooo!

Krafty Karen, and before you say anything I know she looks like she's a convict in a sweat shop! ha ha ha... it's the stripes that do it! Anyway, she continued to quilt her animal quilt with the walking foot. She's using the Juki Exceed Quilt & Pro Special that we have on loan... it's great to test a machine very well if you are considering purchasing one... so far she's happy with it, a few more test days to enjoy the machine before Karen makes a firm-er decision.... It has a great size 'hole' and brilliant lights you know.

Early Sue, who actually owns her very own Juki Exceed, continued to work on the borders of her Railfence quilt. She made a lot of Square In A Square blocks with the intention of adding them as a border... but the plan has changed now, there will be a double row of the blocks at the top and to the bottom of the quilt... creative PMS!! (Pleasing My Self)

On the subject of PMS (Pleasing My Self) and creativity, Arty Janet came to play. It's rather exciting to watch her working away. She doesn't want any help, in fact she refuses it... she doesn't know what she wants except that it WILL be a quilt when it's done... she doesn't know how to do it... but that's just the way she likes it... she's thoroughly enjoying the processes, the brain ache etc... I have to say, those borders are rather gorgeous...

I thought I would show you a bit of the 'nitty gritty of Helen's Heirloom quilt project, we saw more of this side all day this time as she had to tie off all the threads. The quick way I had shown her last week hadn't been as successful as we had hoped... way too may end to leave them all 'dangling', even though all this part will be covered with fabric when it's finished. The front is beautiful and almost finished... just three more of these to make... if Helen can muster up the stamina! Joan The Shop came to play too, I'll show you pictures of her quilt very soon, she will be making a sandwich on Friday... it's a quilt you've seen before and Joan is on a mission to finish it, now that she's out of hospital she has a list of things she wants to make... a looooooooooong list! he he he

We meet again on Friday, 14th October... 10am to 3pm.. we have 4 different types of wadding to choose from, all at very competitive prices... come over any time during our meeting hours if you need any!

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Maggi said...

Good to see DC-D's workshop being put to good use. I like Janet's wonky stars and Sue's pink and green quilt. There are easier ways of hiding the ends which don't show where it has been done. I always use Philippa Naylor's method.