Saturday, 19 November 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Computer is back with me for the moment, seams it was virus ridden... hey ho, here we go... pictures from Wednesday at the Quilt Cave.
The purple one at the top is Early Sue's, she's quilting using her walking foot and stitching 1/4" away from all seams, it's looking great. The second quilt is Lacey Anne's floor tile project. Now there are more blocks stitched together you can imagine it as a floor, can't ya!

Maggie pieced all her blocks together to make up the Christmas tree, it looks three dimensional doesn't it... she decided not to add a tree trunk, I think she made the right decision, the red pot is perfect to finish it off. Maggie made her sandwich ready to do the quilting. This will be trimmed to the shape of the tree, a triangular wall hanging, very cool. I expect it will need a piece of dowel across the wide tree bottom, otherwise it'll keep folding forward.

Chatty Cathy had all her hand stitching finished on the Cathedral-ly window-y bits so was able to mark up the top ready to quilt... it's much easier to draw the lines on the fabric before sandwiching, so that's what Cathy did. We made a cardboard template to help Cathy keep the curves even.

Helen continued to do free motion quilting on her grandmother's hexagon quilt. She's doing a beautiful job of it too... Grandma would be proud to see all her years of hand stitching finished this way. Helen loves doing free motion quilting.

This belongs to Chris The Foot. She quilted with Sulky metalic gold thread and it looks fabulous. As you can see, Chris machined the binding in place ready to be stitched to the back at home at home... she had another sandwich to start quilting, a picture or two on a wall hanging... I'll show that next time...

We met again on Friday 18th, see... my post is behind times, the future was already done when I wrote this... ha ha ha

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