Thursday, 10 November 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Arty Janet arrived with a book, it had pictures and instructions and she wanted her project to be exactly the same as the pictures. So, she shopped for the perfect fabrics, in Table Top Shop wadding on the side. You might think "So, what's the big deal?"... for most of us it's quite easy to follow a set pattern and a lot of us try to make our project similar rather than like the patterns... for Janet it was a self inflicted challenge, "Stick to the pattern"... she's a real and propa  artist and finds it quite a job not to go off on a creative journey, we could hear her head whirling as she worked, ha ha ha.

Gail had been stitching at home so, after a little sorting out of the design and a little trimming of tiny slithers to level up the edges she was ready to add borders to her Railfence table runner. An inner border of 1/2"  cream and gold followed by an outer 3" border of the lovely black with Christmassy stars n things. Next week she will be ready to sandwich and quilt.

Krafty Karen continued quilting the borders on her fabulous animal quilt. She feels it's become the never ending project... she's moved house and had huge renovations in the new home so, poor thing can only quilt at the Quilt Cave... it's coming along very nicely though, thing is, Karen is growing a long list of things she wants to make next.... ha ha ha, I know that because she's been collecting fabrics for them... how strange!

Chatty Cathy, what can I say... she has the fastest growing "To Do" list of all quilters I ever met. She brought in her 10 Minute Block quilt top, sorted that out and will take it home to do the Cathederal-ly Window-y bits by hand. She brought in scraps to start this hexagon quilt, inspired by the talk at SPQ last Thursday... she has a Quilt-As-You-Go project picked out and wants to get it started, she's designing a football tribute quilt and she wants a Hexagon hand piecing project to work on in between all this.... and the list grows, fast-ly!.. I can't keep up!

Early Sue had stitched her purple borders to the quilt centre at home so, all she had to do was piece fabric for the backing and was ready to make a sandwich. Irene had sorted the tables to make her sandwich so, a quick call out for help and all the ladies came rushing over to carefully put safety pins in... I love how we can do that... many hands make for fast pinning! (There must be an old proverb saying just that!) Sue had plenty of time to make her sandwich, with the help of Dotty... queen of pinning!

Annie Pie had made two Autumnal Wreath wall hangings so they were sandwiched first thing and set to one side to join her Quilting queue. Next, Annie wanted to add a spectacular bubble-y border to one side of her Bargello quilt top... apparently she woke in the madrugada with a vision! ha ha ha. She purchased 'sticky stuff' (Steam-a-Seam 2) from my Table Top Shop, raided the kitchen looking for different sized circles and came up with this... absolutely fabulous!
We meet again on Friday, 11th November.... 10am - 3pm as usual.
Today, this morning actually, I am off to deliver the tie quilt... wish me luck?

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Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely things on here. I love the colour of Sue's quilt and the circles for the bargello are great. I know what a challenge that must be for Janet, I have been known to 'tweak' patterns form time to time. Lovely table runner. Karen and Cathy sound like they are filling their waking hours with quilting projects - good for them.