Saturday, 12 November 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Barbie had a most unfortunate day. She happily quilted for hours adding to the quilting she had already done at home during the week. Something made her look at the back of the quilt, probably as it was nearing completion... the tension had gone mad! Barbie's machine often does this but Barbie was very cross with herself for not keeping an eye on the tension... She spent the rest of the day un-picking most of the quilting, what a drain of a job...
Chris made two sandwiches, both wall hangings... we have to love small projects for the sheer convenience of their size.... First to be quilted was Chris's Christmas wreath wall hanging. She used her BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) as she meandered all over the background fabrics.. I just noticed Chris's watch there, quarter to two, So, that's what time I took the photos!
The centre of Kate's beautiful blue and white appliqué quilt is finished so we had a few moments pondering the "mathemsims" of adding the large borders, 22 inches wide so they can drape over the sides of the bed. We had already planned to use the apartment quilting method. The sashing/joining strip needed to be finished at 2" wide so we had to make sure we left enough wadding to fill the gap.... we did a great job, it was perfect... 3 sides to go!

Dotty Maureen finished adding the strips to her Quick Table Topper, she sandwiched and quilted it... not that she had done it quickly, for some reason she had struggled, you know... given all the complex and fiddly things Maureen makes... maybe this project was, plain and simply,  just Too Easy... is that possible?
Late Sue feels that she might have lost her Mojo... we have to get it back don't we... It's not just the early dark evenings, though that seems to be getting to everyone lately.... We decided that Sue might enjoy going back to basics with a completely new project, learning all the little fudging tricks to get the accuracy she desires... she seemed to perk up a bit from the moment she decided to choose new fabrics, ha ha ha... that'll do it!

We meet again next week, Wednesday 16th and Friday  Friday 18th November. 10am - 3pm, as usual.
Please note... There will not be a Quilt Cave meeting on Friday 9th December as the hall will be hosting the annual Christmas party for the residents of Caverwall.. what fun!

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Maggi said...

Don't you just hate it when your machine does that - poor Barbie. I think that projects can be too easy. If you are an experienced quilter you sometimes miss the obvious - don't ask me how I know that!! Glad that Sue has got her mojo back, the colours are great.