Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave Part 1

Holy Moly... It finally happened... Caverswall Quilt Cave is getting so busy every meeting that I'll have to post about the ladies' progress a bit at a time... at least for now... I won't be able keep up otherwise, everything is so inspiring and exciting and I don't want to miss sharing anything... and today there was no ice on the Big Shiny White Van so I got my own keys from the important pot and managed to remember everything... we have pictures! OK I didn't get good pictures of every project but there's still a lot to see!
First up are the Pineapple Blossom blocks that Gail's working on, stunning aren't they!! She had finished 9 in total by the end of the day so, she's 25 to go, this will be a double bed quilt for a very lucky relation.
I have to say that we all agree Bonnie's Pineapple Blossom quilt is fantastic as a beginner project.

Arty Janet had a little break from this arty farty project over the last few weeks. She says it was a good thing to take a break from it because getting back to it now, she's full of renewed ummph and inspired ideas... joining and slashing and mixing etc... these arty folks are such fun to watch!
Helen's next block for her Heirloom Quilt needed pin tucks.. you should have heard her complaining while she burnt her finger as she pressed the tiny tucks, she did very well actually... totally polite in the language department! Number 10 Bernina foot is the proper one for edge stitching but the supplied number 5 does a great job too, ask Helen if you like, she's an expert now.
Irene also returned to one of her Phd's (Projects Half Done) she marked her quilting lines first of all then quilted them.... it looks like our favourite "Points & Bellies", they're fast and fun to do and use the patchwork seams as guides. This Kate Spain fabric sold out as soon as it came in, you can see why though, tis rather lovely!

Beryl had a day off from her Art College so she came over to play with us... I think she misses us terribly you know. She slots right into our day as if she's never been away. Of course, just because he hasn't been to Quilt Cave doesn't mean she's not been stitching, he he. This is a tiny part of her current project... how cute is he! Appliqu├ęd with clever establishment, fancy stitches and writing... fantastic.

That's it for this session, part two will come along very soon. We meet again on Friday 20th January. 10am to 3pm as usual. Ta Ta For now...

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