Friday, 27 January 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 2

Krafty Karen had her first tutorial on free motion quilting only last week, she has good movement, nice curvy curves etc...  This week she started meandering over the Hour Glass blocks on her dog's quilt... she was very quiet all day... concentrating I guess
Last Minute Chris is enjoying the relaxed pace she's working at... no rush, no deadline at all for this quilt. She hasn't decided how big it will be yet... just ambling along pleasing herself how much she gets done in a day... I wonder how long this will last... there must be a baby due sometime soon?.., a wedding maybe? I don't think we've ever seen Chris stitching without a deadline before, he he he

Foxy Margaret is using up more of her 'bits and bobs'. She's got wonderful 'bits and bobs' too. She was joining strips together all day. carefully pressing all her seams open because she wanted the project to be good and flat... yup... burnt fingers!

Ann's Jelly Roll blocks are coming along very nicely. She also ends up with some very interesting bonus Half Square Triangles that the pattern in the book suggests she use in the borders... cunningly Ann will make a second lovely quilt with them instead... PMS! (Please My Self!)

Chatty Cathy wants to learn how to do everything... yesterday... very understandable... she's very much gripped, good and tight, with the Quilting Bug. For this meeting she wanted to perfect her 1/4 inch seam allowances and improve her cutting accuracy by making  Log Cabin blocks... she was very successful too, this one turned out just perfect!

We meet again on Friday 27th January (Today actually... and yes I was up at this Stupid O'Clock) 
23 new fabrics, mostly P&B and Red Rooster, have been delivered so they will be available at Table Top & Under Shop from 10am - 3pm...
Right, eyes are most certainly weary... I'll try again... back to bed!
See you later!! I'll be the one with the biggest bags... under my eyes! ha ha ha

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