Friday, 20 January 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 2

Joan The Shop was having great difficulty with her free motion quilting. The thread kept breaking causing her to spend more time tying off ends and re-starting than she spent actually sewing. We tried absolutely everything, admitting defeat we called Phil Morton and he told us it sounded like the timing was out... so, it got packed up ready to go to him for a twiddle/tweak and Joan got to play with My Mum's little Bernina... wonderful progress was made!
Jolly Jo came to play and forgot to bring her project... no fabric, no pattern! Rather than go home to collect it, a 1 hour round trip, she bought a few fat quarters of Christmas fabric from Table Top Shop, cut them up and started to make a Christmas wreath... this one should be finished in very good time for our next festive season... 11 months should see to that!

Last Minute Chris started a new project, she'd like this one to be ready for June, plenty of time... Its Chunky Churndash from my very favourite Quiltville, Bonnie has loads of patterns to choose from, if you like doing patchwork pop over and see for yourself. Chris is making her blocks bigger though, they should finish to be 9 inches. This is a great beginner design too.
My Mum (Gwynneth) continues to add the Log Cabin borders to her leaf blocks, she's run out of a few of the fabrics now so it's time to decide what flavour of quilty fudge we can come up with... she suggested, several times, coming over to my 'private and secret' stash cupboards!!! ooooer...
Wendy The Wizz (just for this post Wendy) finished her 36 Pineapple Blossom blocks already!! She cut 72 x 2" corner stones and sashing strips, grabbed two spare tables and set about getting the whole thing stitched together. She has a great Ricky Timms fabric, very busy indeed, that will be used in the backing... the whole thing is an explosion of colour!
Chatty Cathy made this Quilt As You Go mat for her little dog. It was a great learning experience for her and whilst I can't see many folks wanting to make quilts for their dogs, or cars for that matter (my ladies have, he he he, we practice PMS Pleasing My Self) the good thing is that you are able to say...

"That didn't work too well, but it doesn't matter... it's only for the dog" pressure all gone... if you were feeling any pressure that is. These blocks were already quilted when they were joined together with apartment quilting. This was the back but now Cathy decided it's the front, more PMS!

We meet again in 2 hours time, 10am - 3pm. friday 20th January
32 new bolts of fabric have just been delivered, all from Moda and I will try to get them ready to take with me. Yes I have my phone and camera, before you ask!!! ha ha ha

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