Sunday, 8 January 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop continued working on her interesting blocks, I can't give you any more information yet... again, from this angle, they do look like fish don't they... Cabbage and raspberries, hmmmm... that would be two of the 'Five A Day' we're advised to eat wouldn't it? Golf could be the exercise... but what of the wine fabric creeping into my picture... vitamins?

Brenda Barbara cut out all of the blocks to make another 10 Minute Block, lap size quilt... can you remember last time she made one... she was enjoying making it so much that she refused to go home at 3pm! This time she used 7 1/2" squares... and we didn't have to help her out of Quilt Cave at 3pm, she has her very own Quilty Quarters to play in at home now... wooohoooo for Brenda!

Late Sue has finished all 24 Pineapple Blossom blocks and spent the day cutting and stitching sashing and corner stones, all 2" wide. She brought her brand new Juki Beast in to sew with... she hasn't had any problems taming her little beastie though, lucky thing, and she's just loving it... he's heavy, yes indeedy, but well worth the extra humph to bring him along to meetings.

Mystery Margaret has been stitching a lot of late. She's finished all the blocks now and was able to trim them all ready for stitching them into rows. The design works like the Railfence but will look more like it's been woven with the size of the strips she used, at least that's what we are expecting... we'll have to wait and see won't we...

Maid Marion worked on her heirloom quilt blocks again. Dotty Maureen makes the blocks first of all, carefully following the instructions in the book... she struggles a little but always succeeds, then... passes on any top tips to Helen who then makes her blocks... she learns a thing or two and passes the tips on to Marion who them makes her blocks armed with all the good advice and top tips from the other two ladies... very smart lady eh!
Helen's very pleased with the way her triangle block turned out... she did complain about having to tie in over 300 thread ends though, she made sure we all knew that she doesn't like that job! Here you can see Helen threading the Trapunto wool through the tiny channel she made, I'll show the good side next time... can you see all the ends she had to sort out? oh... Helen needs three more of this triangle unit, come on Helen.. Marion's catching up, she'll be needing your top tips!

Barbie's project is coming along very nicely indeed... she wasn't sure about the teal blues on the border strips but now, with the blue-ish frame added to the centre panel and the vase cut out and placed there... no need to have worried at all is there, it's really lovely. Barbie is going to hand applique these elements, she does beautiful hand stitching, I bet it will be ready for flowers next week.

Maid Marion not only spent the day working on her Heirloom quilt and getting great helpful advise from Helen... she had her very own helper too... these hands are Dotty's... she's sharing more top tips whilst drawing the bits for Marion to work on, such a smart lady is our Maid Marion.
Ann Little Treasure brought in her minty heart quilt to show us that she had finished it. This was made with a Jelly Roll that was far from accurately cut, you would never know that looking at it now though... Ann is very please with her free motion quilting hearts, she did draw them first and that is absolutely fine, every way of doing things is brilliant if it works... and you can see It Worked!!

We meet again next Wednesday 11th & Friday 13th January. 10am - 3pm. 'Table Top Shop, wadding on the side' will be full to bursting once again as we collected the Big Van back from it's make over... it's extremely shiny and white again, but I'm sure the British weather will have it messed up in no time at all!

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