Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Giggly Gillian created a lot of stitchy homework at The Bank House Hotel Quilt Class. Miles and miles of hand stitching actually... all the way round this queen size, turquoise and beige/brown quilt... yet to be named. Gillian's in very high spirits at the moment and feeling extremely productive... and she's determined to finish off her PhD's ( Projects Half Done) before she starts on her list of things to make next....
This Christmas Table Topper is Gillian's too... she didn't want it to be a thick table runner so she's quilted it using only a stabilizer as the wadding... she's practising PMS (Pleasing My Self) which I very much encourage at every meeting. This project also had binding machine stitched on so that's another 90" of hand stitching.

Marisabel has had a bit of a struggle matching her seams with these blocks... the problem though, was not her own inaccuracy... the pre-cut charm squares were to blame... some of them were too small so it threw out the matching, still... Marisable is learning a lot about quilt fudge (no calories!) I laid out the blocks to get an idea of the end result... fabulous isn't it? There's going to be sashing too!

Lovely Lyn spent the day working on the sheep (please look at the previous post) and she brought in one of her finished cushions, now I am really wanting to make new ones too! All of these fabrics are left overs from Lyn's Log Cabin quilt, she was able to make three cushions from all those bits... I do hope you keep your little left overs, it's surprising what you can make with them you know.

We are meeting again next week, 24th January, 10am - 3pm, the ladies are wanting a spell of meeting every week, which is a reflection on their enthusiasm... they must have had new batteries from Santa eh!


Maggi said...

Gillian's quilt is lovely. I like the idea of doing a flatter table topper with only stabilizer. How annoying for Marisabel, you expect pre-cut squares to be accurate. Lyn's cushion is lovely, good use of scraps and you do tend to have a lot left after log cabins!

Becky said...

As always so many lovely projects going on!