Friday, 6 January 2012

Dotty's Patchwork Cushion

Dotty Maureen has had many happy hours for stitching over the past Sewing Prevention Season, lucky thing... Inspired by the quilt Annie Pie made, Dotty rooted out the magazine with the pattern for the Union Jack and made one for her very own self. It turned out much smaller than Annie Pie's though as it used tiny little Half Square Triangles (HST's)
Dotty decided to make it into a car pillow... this is the back view. It's more of a cushion pocket so Dotty can change the size of the cushion she put inside, she could even store a quilt in there if she wanted to. This project came in very handy for Dotty, her favourite soft chair had disappeared from the village hall so she nipped out to her car and was sitting on her very own soft cushion... good and comfy, in no time at all!

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Maggi said...

Glad that Maureen has somewhere comfortable to sit again. Lovely and bright.