Thursday, 5 January 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

We're off.. back to normal with a full house for our first Quilt Cave meeting! The ladies started the day with a chorus of Happy New Year chatter... like we had been away for 6 months.. tee hee.
Joan The Shop started a new project, here are two of the blocks and ... no... they aren't chocolate fish! I'll tell you more about these as Joan produces more blocks.
Krafty Karen finished off her Churndash blocks, the hour glass blocks are all done too so she was able to get her lap quilt top stitched together. It looks very nice with the rich green fabric. I'll show you the blocks stitched together next time.
You would be mistaken if you thought there wouldn't be any more Christmas stitching... Chris, you know her... "Last Minute Chris"!! She said that there were still two days of Christmas left and she would have this sofa throw finished by then...
The first photo is of the back and this one is the quilt top, there was quite a lot of discussing about which should be the top and which side would be the back... we agreed that Chris should turn it over regularly to please us all!
Arty Janet was making these mats for Christmas but ran out of time, but she's not stopping, they will be finished off no matter what, I don't remember whether she told us for which Christmas though, he he he.... she did more free motion quilting and added more bindings.
My Mum, Gwynneth, hasn't had much stitchy time over the holidays, it was sewing prevention season after all... so during our meeting she continued to make these leaf blocks. We laid them out to decide what colour blocks to make next, next time we can decide on the sashing colours and styles.

Jolly Jo spent quality time shopping at 'Table Top Shop, wadding on the side'. She's decided on a new project and wanted to get all the fabrics at one time, she chose them, we cut them and then they were stored in the going home bag... back to table top shop then... Joe purchased a further 3 fat quarters and made a Quick Table Topper in just a snip of time... she declared that she would surely make more of them!

Helen has been commissioned once more, to make another appliqued banner with special symbols, she did tell me what they are called but I forgot already, Kenji, Kanji, Kangi... no matter she almost completed it in the one meeting, just running out of time for the binding, which will be the faux piped variety... our favourite!

Chatty Cathy had been stitching at home... she's learning how to do Quilt As You Go and Apartment Quilting all at the same time. There's quite a bit of accuracy needed with a little math but she got there in the end... it's all a little fiddly too but worth it if you need to quilt smaller areas. Cathy's jury is still out on this method, he he he

It's a very rushed post, you probably noticed that... time is ticking by too fast this week... so much to be done!
We meet again tomorrow at 10am for more stitchy fun... Table Top Shop is a little smaller this week because the big van is at the garage having a face lift... can't fit so much in the little car... back to normal with more new fabrics, next week though.

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Maggi said...

Glad to see everyone up and running again. I do hope that Joan is going to keep her project for herself. It would be cruel to give it to someone else - all those chocolates and none to eat!!