Monday, 9 January 2012

Quilty Quarters

This quilt belongs to Giggly Gillian. It's a pattern from a magazine she bought whilst on holiday last year. The pattern shows the quilt with curly whirly quilting done on a long arm machine. A lot of magazines do that don't they... It can make us think we have to use the services of a long arm quilter, which can be costly and most have long waiting lists. Gillian hasn't got to grips with free motion quilting, she's not too interested in doing so either, which is fine, PMS (Pleasing My Self) is what we promote. She started the quilting using her walking foot but, each time she looked at the magazine she found that she was wishing her quilting could be curly whirly too, the magazine won!  She likes the one free motion design I am able to do quite well, so she ripped out all her stitching and did the 'puppy eye' thing in my direction... guess what I did all, all, all day yesterday... The centre is finished and I'll quilt the borders today... at least that's the plan.

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Anonymous said...

I have not sent any of my quilts out for quilting but have managed to sandwich and quilt them myself using my "piecing" machine. 2 yrs. ago I purchased the Juki 2010TL and love it! I had just purchased a Bernina 440QE 6 months before and know now that had the Juki come first the Bernina would not be here! Have had many enjoyable hours of FMQ on the Juki with much positive success. The best piece of advice I would give is: just jump in and DO IT!! It gets better and better with each project and practice!! Doreen