Saturday, 14 January 2012

Story Time

You'll never believe what happened... I'm far from superstitious but blooming heck... what a day!
There was a deep frost yesterday morning, Friday 13th January, so I asked my son to pop out to start up the Big, Shiny, White Van to thaw out the windows, I find driving so much easier when I can see through them!
That was the first mistake...
I always leave the last minute things ready for when I leave home ie. everything is placed by the Big Shiny White Van keys so I don't forget anything, see the problem? He took the Big, Shiny, White Van keys from their pot... so I didn't get to pick up important handbag with purse and mobile phone that were with them... I happily jumped into lovely, warm, Big, Shiny, White Van and left home. 
Oh dear, almost arriving at Caverswall Quilt Cave, I realised what had happened... but surely I can get through a day without my phone and don't really need my handbag/purse as not going shopping... No Problem then? 
Arrive at Hall, set up Table Top Shop, 4 different waddings on the side, set up tables, cables, irons, boards, etc... keeping very warm with all the effort... 
Done and ready for ladies... notice I am a little chilly...
Oh Man! heating hadn't come on... see where this is going?... 
Can't call caretaker.. no phone, Mum's phone! Yes, use Mum's!! 
No phone numbers... all in my phone. I rang all possible numbers placed around Caverswall Village Hall, Artist teacher, Craft Class teacher, bookings lady, Chairman, committee members... trying to find someone with the caretaker's mobile phone number... 20 minutes later, succeeded, 8 calls, but had used up Mum's credit, wooops. 
"Keep your coats on Ladies, we have a small problem but I am on the case!!"
Heating sorted out by Caretaker eventually arriving 30 minutes later... phew!! Warming up...
The ladies set about their stitching, beautiful projects, must be photo time... no bag... No Camera! Small panic saved by Maddie. I got to use her camera and she would send photos later... Brilliant! Click, click, click... 
"Are you sure this is taking pictures Maddie?" 
" Oh yes, just keep clicking, it's a great camera but doesn't make much noise when you're taking pictures"
"OK, but you are sure?"
"I'm sure"
Have you guessed? 
The rest of the day ran very smoothly. Cosy and warm, beautiful projects, lots of chatter and laughter... fabulous, as usual.
I received a telephone call whilst I was out walking Madam with 4 legs at about 7pm... Maddie's husband telling me that he was just about to send the photos, but he hadn't found one single photo to send to me, the camera was completely empty! ooooooooooooh... I knew it... I thought it wasn't making the right noises... nothing I could do about it. I'll just write a whole big story about my Friday 13th January and the folks who pop over to my blog to see inspiring photos from Caverswall Quilt Cave can roll their eyes and quickly move on to a more successful blog! ha ha ha
Note to self... Thaw out the Big Shiny White Van yourself!


Becky said...

Oh Dear! Maybe next time things will go smoother. I had the same day.... had to buy two new tires yesterday! UGH! Today is a new day... nothing but fun!

Maggi said...

Once it starts badly it just keeps going doesn't it?