Sunday 26 May 2013

Joan The Shop... Here We Go Again!

After completing the enor-mouse Chocolate fish quilt (did you see that little play on words... how cool was that!! Enor-MOUSE!!!) Joan had decided that maybe she would work on something a bit smaller for her next project... 
So, she's making her way through the Essential Sampler Quilt Book by Lynne Edwards. It's a Quilt-As-You-Go project and Joan is really enjoying making the blocks and learning lots of useful new skills... Each block does represent 'smaller projects'... BUT... I just noticed how big the quilt is going to be once all the blocks are quilted and joined together, then borders attached... 
She's going to end up with another enormous quilt!!

Just to put our minds at rest though, Joan assures me that the 'Cheese' fabric will not be used in any of her blocks and she is quilt quite sure that the mouse lives no longer... I blooming hope so!!

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