Friday 24 May 2013

Stitching News

Marilla does all her stitching by hand. She attended our Stargazy Daizies workshop recently and found it a bit of a challenge to be using a sewing machine... it's not a hand stitching friendly project because all the seams get sliced through at some point... some more than once. Marilla enjoyed making the Daisiez so she retrieved her sewing machine from the deep dark depths of a cupboard, dusted it off and has continued making delightful Stargazy Daisies.
Shirley Lerly was joining her Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack blocks, together with sashing strips and corner stones, into rows. On-Point settings seem a little more tricky so laying the blocks out helps it all make sense... at least that was the plan!. 
Mary stitched on her last borders, made a delicious Batik Beauty sandwich and got cracking on her quilting. Top tips on how to tie off and thread ends through were provided by My Mum Gwynneth, who swears by the self threading needles for the job.
In between being very helpful to everyone, My Mum Gwynneth made a sandwich of her very own and started the quilting. This quilt is the result of the first Mile-A-Minute and Crumbs workshop I held in My Very Own Classroom...
It's fabulous isn't it?
To think that all those bits of fabric could have been thrown away!!
Annette started to make the pin-wheel blocks for a new project. She's never done anything with triangles before and was feeling quite nervous about them... she went home happy having seen how easy they are to make...
Everything is easier once you know how eh.
My Wife Beth made these butterfly blocks last week. She had wanted to put a block of four in each corner of her quilt but, as we quilters do from time to time, she changed her mind and made this cushion with them instead. Beth has sewn little ribbon strips onto the butterfly bodies... that's a great idea!
Toot toot toot Beth... that's a Fanfare for a Finished project!

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