Monday 6 May 2013

Stitching News

Sporty Sue finished this quilt top, it's quite different through the camera's eye, much more dramatic with the points shooting about. To the real live human eye, it's much calmer, crisp and stunning... and perfectly pieced.
See the delightful, quilted calendar on the frame in the background, evidence that this picture was taken on the 3rd of May! I should have been a detective eh. 
We have to have a pre-toot toot toot here. Dotty Maureen was hand stitching the binding on this quilt for it was to be gifted, rapidly... probably gone already... so we won't see it completely finished. The quilt is very closely based on one that Lady Judith made from the book Sweet Nursery Chic.
Joan The Shop gifted her 'Chocolate Fish' quilt recently. Her brother and his wife were thrilled and touched at the same time.... so much thought went into the quilt... not to mention the background story involving a mouse or two... which Joan eventually told to it's lucky new owners.
Therese, one of my very good and treasured friends in Portugal, sent a picture of her latest quilt... it's a big one... Therese had treated herself to a brand new Bernina Baby just before I left Portugal and she tells me she's never looked back... except she still hasn't forgiven me for moving back to the UK!! he he.

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