Tuesday 28 May 2013

Quilty Quarters

For an hour or so yesterday evening, on Bank Holiday Monday... after playing at being a Domestic Goddess, cooking, washing, cleaning and enduring garden weeding games for two days, I was able to play in Quilty Quarters, wooohooo. 
It's a wonder I remembered where it was! 
Continuing the 'Is It Too Early To Start' series in my very own quilt shop classroom, very soon there's the Christmas Tree Ornament workshop and I wanted to prepare for it... no better way than to make another triangular tree so that everything is very fresh and all 'Top Tips' can be shared with the folk attending the day.
 You would think that owning over a thousand bolts of fabric on my shop shelves and all the fabric I have stashed away over the years it would be easy to choose the fabric for a little triangular tree wouldn't you? 
No... I still don't like to use favourite fabrics because... if I do... I won't have it any more!!! How crackers is that? 
So, I rooted through my bits box... I've joined thin strips to get them long enough and have fussy cut the triangular centres... I've managed to use nothing but scraps for the three tree parts... I even joined wadding scraps... what a thrifty project it's turning out to be!
Am hoping to get it finished today so there very well might be a picture to share.
First though... 
I have to go shopping...patchwork knickers, really and truly, are not very chic at all! ha ha ha

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