Friday, 3 May 2013

Stitching News

Christabelle finished her fabulous baby play mat. This one's not having borders so she made a sandwich and got ready for the quilting... but jumped straight in to the plans, mathemisms and purchases needed for her next project instead... quilting the baby play mat will be done at home.
PM Pam made me smile. Armed with a book she stated that she was going to make a baby  little quilt, just a very simple one and was going to get the top finished, sandwiched and at least start the quilting in the one day. So she made the centre star, went shopping for the first border with corner stones... stitched it on... more shopping... changing the width of the next borders, therefore leaving the original plan! More shopping, more changes, oh what fun...
Not quite to the sandwich stage but almost... alas, out of time! 
Fran added both borders to her fabulous quilt top, prepared the fabric for backing and spied just enough table space to make her sandwich. Choosing thread colours was a fun process, along with deciding how to quilt it.
New Sue made this little pram coverlet. She wanted to quilt it with free motion stars but found it tricky to draw them. A very artistic customer was in the shop and, after Jean Bean demonstrated how to draw a successful star with her artistic streak, suggested we cut out a paper template to quilt around... it worked a treat!
Princess Jackie is making the most beautiful blocks for her Snowman Collector quilt. She's using little pieces of wadding to 'phoooph' certain details, like the snow people... also with a little piece of wadding behind the paler fabrics it prevents the colours showing through.

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