Saturday 3 May 2008

Catching Up...

Today was a Hash day. I don't do much sewing on Hash days. Everything aches sufficiently at the moment, we seemed to go for many kilometres uphill and only one kilometre downhill. It was hard work with the sun beating down. Funny how it feels so much hotter going up!

Yesterday I decided to make a new table runner for my dining table. I have been wanting to use some of my 'loveliest' fabrics for a while.
A table runner allowed me to use some and still have lots left! he he he... I hate to run out of any of my fabrics. I need therapy really , but I am not hurting anyone and my fabric stash makes me happy.
I am sure there are a few of you out there nodding at this point!
Below is a photo of the Table runner, I used some of the fabric I got from Paula's, it is safe to use that , I can buy a bit more when I go.... good plan.

It's bright and looks lovely on the oak wood. Just need to quilt it , maybe tomorrow.

I finished the Square Dance quilt, it even has the label sewn on, I will have to put a hanging tube to get it ready for our Quilt Show though.
I am half way round the binding of the Scrappy Bargello, getting there slowly, then the label.. and another hanging sleeve! Clock is ticking!!!!!

IWP ladies, I hope you are all preparing your quilts for the show???

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